Cargo & Mail Services

  • CASS is equipped with the facilities to efficiently receive, handle and dispatch all ranges of goods.
  • We provide highly dependable warehousing storage space facility pertaining to the handling of perishable items, dangerous goods, valuables goods, special shipments and un-accompanied baggage.


Our modern warehouse facility includes the following features:

  • 1,800 square meter facility
  • Truck docking system with scissor lift and digital weighing scales
  • Scales calibrated quarterly for customer protection
  • Astrophysics model XIS-1517DV dual view technology x-ray machine
  • Cold storage (refrigeration/freezer) facilities
  • Dangerous goods storage
  • Valuable goods storage
  • ULD storage facilities
  • 24 Hour guarded with CCTV surveillance
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Since 2001, CASS has been the dominant ground handling company at the Clark International Airport (CRK) while maintaining it market leadership position by serving the ground handling requirements of Asiana Airlines, Cathay Dragon, Tigerair, Philippine AirAsia, UPS and FedEx.  Moreover, CASS is the preferred ground handling service provider for chartered, diversion/technical, medical and VIP executive flights with its manpower competencies and equipment capabilities.

Since its establishment at the Clark Freeport Zone in August 2001, CASS has been a major service provider of United Parcel Service (UPS) for its intra-Asia hub in Clark providing export and import handling services for UPS shipments which include build-up and break-down of cargo, x-ray scanning and inspection, storage and warehousing, arrangement of customs’ clearing and processing of other documentation requirements.

CASS has also successfully partnered with Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) providing ground handling and line maintenance support activities for FedEx flights in Clark as well as storage and warehousing services for its aircraft parts.

CASS is continuously improving its skills and expertise that was built over the years to generate a whole new level of customer experience.  In the advent of the full realization of the ASEAN integration and anticipated increase in competition as trade and business becomes borderless in the region, CASS gears up further in strengthening its market position. CASS recognizes the need to maximize the potential of its business by exploring new opportunities in markets within its industry.