Our People

CASS maintains its level of workforce relative to its business volume. It currently maintains a total of 57 manpower complement.

CASS believes that its business success is dependent upon the people it employs.

CASS seeks to attract and retain the best people through a range of benefits and opportunities that it offers.

CASS’ training and development program ensures that it continually enhances the skills and knowledge of its people in the organization.

Learning programs are highly aligned with the objective of CASS to deliver operational excellence in a safe working environment.

Our People

We are committed to investing in talent and providing a pathway of development for our staff. Our specialist teams are supported by an innovative mixture of classroom, electronic and practical instruction to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide a superior product to our customers. We invest in finding the right person for the right job and ensure the values of fairness, honesty, professionalism and respect are paramount.